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About Us

Royalty Cosmetics was started in 2016 but officially launched in June 2020. I had just gotten serious about wearing makeup. I would try the different products and brands that were out there but none of them were working for me. I ended up having a bad reaction to a cheap lip gloss and said this is it. I needed to find something that worked for me. Then one day, the idea popped into my head. I said to myself “I want to start my own cosmetics line.” I wanted a cosmetics line that offered great quality but at an affordable price. I want Royalty Cosmetics to be worn by you and you feel confident and beautiful. I want you to feel like royalty when you are wearing Royalty Cosmetics. Whether you are going to work, stepping out, or wearing them just because you are in a mood. Let Royalty Cosmetics transpire you all in Royalty.

Charese Ross